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    08 "X" manifolds?

    Anyone know if these new manifolds are any different since the innercooler is now external? I'm wondering if they filled in some of the dead space, or re-designed it in any way?

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    i doubt it... these manifolds came out in 2002 and have been the same since. obviously the motor was designed with the IC in mind down the road back in 2002. there's been a big empty void in there in every ski without an IC from 2002-present.

    would not surprise me if they use the exact same manifold again, and place the mesh flame arrestor in there like the 130, 155, and 185 power plants have

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    There is a flame arrestor in the manifold where the intercooler used to be!

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    yes, I heard it was the same as 185HP models...PR...

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