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    Good samaritan question of the day.

    Before I get to the question I got a little sort of set the stage.

    Last year I saw this awesome site...a tri-toon shooting these two huge rooster tails. I later saw him on the water and we went side by side for a mile till I finally edged him at a marker. He's got twin 250 verado's on the back of this thing...crazy...gotta be the fastest pontoon I've ever seen...let alone on SML.

    Well...I saw him again today...I let him pull past and gave a wave...he and his crew did the same and it was on. I evened up real quick, then started to pull ahead...slowly....then....the water went nuts...I was spending more time outa the water than on it...he trimmed down or something and slowly started walking away from me...every now and then I'd get a relatively "calm" stretch I'd get some back but not enough. As we neared Hales Ford he backed off, I did the same, waved and took my sorry butt outa there.

    After getting my ass handed to me I was hauling back trying to find the mrs...musta passed her somewhere along the line...she hates that..anyway.

    I stop for a boat in distress. They are outa gas, a mile and a half from the nearest marina. I went ahead and towed them in.

    Here's the question.

    What is the safe speed for towing a coupla thousand pounds with an RXT?

    I kept it at 4400-4600 rpm...I didn't figure I should get the sc going or not.

    What do you all think?
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    how big was the boat?

    how fast... well let me rephrase.. how SLOW were you going at 4400-4600 rpms?

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    I would say probably less than 10 mph. You get to much speed going and then slow down, the boat your are towing may not slow down as fast.

    I just tow my buddy's RXP in the other weekend and we went about 3K on the tach. Just above idle speed.

    I tow a log in early this summer and it was about 6 ft long and 8" diameter and water logged. I went about 25 MPH. THe log even planed out.

    My best peice of advice is to just feel it out. IF you not comfortable or the ski seems to be straining bad then back out. You can alway be a good guy with out being able to tow. A ride to get some gas or a cell call can be just as good.

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    I figure the boat at 18-20ft, bow rider, four adults, I/O.

    The speedo didn't register a was however above no wake speed.

    I kept it down for fear of ripping off the tow eye when one or the other of us would clear or head into a wave/wake.

    What really concerned me was how I labored under the load.

    I didn't want to hurt anything just doing somebody a solid.

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    I would say making headway with minimal wake since the boat being towed may not have steerage.

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    I`ll tell ya, you have no idea how heavy a boat is and the amount of force to tow it.
    I recently towed in a Kawi Ultra with my transom eye, not my towing eye bc I removed it, this was pretty much emergent so I towed the kawi to shore, at first he threw me a line and I grabbed it wrapped it around my hand and started idling forward and when the rope caught up it damn near pulled me off my ski. every time you hit a wave it wants to stop or slow the towed vehicle. I stopped and tied the ski off to the transom eye. Lesson well learned, never hold the rope ... even tho I didn`t let go...PR...

    I don`t think I`d tow in a boat, I would have helped them call for help, or brought one of them to the nearest place...
    one thing you also have to think about is overheating your ski...

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    ---Oh, I figured the load at just shy of 2 tons.

    I tell ya. I was worried, kept my eye on the tach...completely forgot to check my E temp till after I got him tied off at the gas dock.

    When I ran through the gages, E temp was only a few degrees above the L.

    If there was one thing off the top of my head that I'd definately do different next time...I'd tie off to the eyelet on his...bow keel?...where you attach the winch on the trailer...instead of the cleets on the bow's top side. If I could some way tie onto the tie down loops on the back of the ski instead also.

    Oh well....something to think about.
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    Earlier this summer, me and a friend got in the unfortunate situation of having to cross Lake Maurepas (15 miles give or take) at dusk, in the rain, with his jet ski broke. We got up to about 45 mph before the tow rope broke. After that we kept it to about 35. It's not about speed - it's about load. His ski was an HX, which is a 390 lb 1 seater, so it tows easy.


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    it towed a 21ft CC outboard, no wake for a couple miles, no problem. However I did use a thin anchor line which had a relatively low break strength. I'd rather the rope break than the stern eye.

    that being said, the E temp is the ambient air temp, not the engine temp

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    Quote Originally Posted by DeanCucf
    ...that being said, the E temp is the ambient air temp, not the engine temp

    Really showing my ignorance that the air temp inside the ski or no?

    Curious. Being water cooled...why no temp gage for the motor...or is there one? While I'm thinking on it...why no oil pressure gage?

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