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    Any Reason Not To Leave My Boat In The Water

    Hi, I'm A Newbie Here. Just Wondering If There's Any Reason I Shouldn't Leave My Boat In The Water For The Summer. I Would Much Rather Pay Money For A Slip Instead Of Launching It Every Weekend. Is There Anything I Should Do Different If I Leave It In? Also What's The Going Rate For The 10hr Service Inspection? Any Thoughts Or Advice Please? Thanks For The Help

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    If your gonna leave it in the water you wanna get a jet dock to put it on. The sea doos are not made to leave in the water for a long time. Not sure what the 10 hr. service cost, cause I did it myself. It's super easy to change the oil and the filter. Everything else is just making sure nothing came loose and all hose clamps are tight. Get the shop manual it has a list of everything to doo for the 10 hr. service and after.

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    Yes, buy a jet dock. Best thing ever. No scum lines.

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