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    Non-piped 96xp vs. 2001xp race!

    The little guy made me proud yesterday. I raced a 2001xp and smoked him on the holeshot and out sped him over a half mile by 2-3 mph in 2 foot chop. Can someone tell me if these little guys modded like mine are suppose to do that. The other guy was just a LITTLE upset.

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    That xp should have roasted you. You may get him out of the hole but he would chase you down very quickly and then be gone. There is something wrong with that xp.

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    A good running xpl would be about 62-63 mph. A so-so one about 60-61.
    A schitty rider 59-60.

    96xp stock 56-58 mph. your setup if running good, 60ish. I bet it was a schitty rider.

    Nothing against you but sump'm was up on that xpl..

    In the chop even!! That rider sucked!! Haha!
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    That's the answer that I thought I would get. I figured those things should be faster then the little xp. Question number two- I bought a used spec 1 pipe and will put it on during the winter. If I'm running 60ish where will she be after install?

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