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    Second chance for faded rubrails

    Now addressing some of the cosmetic issues on my ski, of which included the nasty rubrails. It may be already well known, but I just figured out that steel wool works great at cleaning them up. I've tried the heat gun and propane torch methods, but found it fairly difficult to not burn or brown the plastic. Supa fine wool will get it pretty quickly, but even faster is to start with some coarse and come back with finer wool. My camera takes crappy pics and the lighting in my garage is kinda funky, but trust me it brings back that color and shine. Just done a few test areas so far with great results, now to get after the rest of it.

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    Nice job dude!!! I never thought of trying that method but it seems to work pretty well. When i cleaned my rails i used 150 grit, 220, 440, 700 wet, 1000 dry, 1000 wet. Came out like new but took me like 3 days....... Only to have it get f**ked up by my g/f at the time who slammed it into a dock post that had nasy crustacians growing on it.

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    steel wool is exactly what i have resurfaces/cleans/fine grinds the surface of the bumper rail with a very fine finish...........

    highly recommended procedure........................

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    wow, that is pretty sweet. I am going to have to do this soon. I noticed mine aren't what they used to be.

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