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    what impeller should i use i have the riva stage 1

    hi every 1

    i have a 2007 RXP i have some upgrade parts on it and i would like ur help to see if they r ok or do i need to add something to it
    the parts are

    riva stage 1
    riva sc impeller (going to change it to the rr impeller)
    riva clutch washers and bearing
    riva upgrade train valve kit
    riva thermostat
    riva breather catch can
    riva rear exhaust
    rr IC
    rr racing ECU (racing mapping)
    rr 42 injectors
    blow off
    i also modified the stock water box i cut it opened and emptyed from inside

    i would like ur recommendations what to do to my ski
    i live in kuwait so its really hot the tempreture reach`s easly 50 C (120 F) in the summer and my ski is a fun ski i dont race alot with it my speed now is 73 MPH before i installed the rear exhaust and mod. the water box and my RPM is 8170
    so can u plz guide me what do to thanx alot guys

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    guys any help

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    I would say 15/20R, but with a stock I/C I am not sure if that would work well!?

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    yeah, 15/20 4 blade.. he has a aftermarket ecu so he should be good.

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