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    Still unable to determine noise

    Thanks for all those past forums ..I have learnt so much from reading everyones input...

    I have looked at every possible situation...

    Problem: Have a stock race XPL 2001.. Have the basic mods and runs hard.... have trickling noice (which most reckon is pinging)..only when on load at 3/4 throttle for 3-4 secs .but sounds more like a trickling spray of water...Have taken it to a mechanic to check if there was any damage to pistons ...everthing checked out OK...

    1) richen the lows still -3/4 on lows/highs are seated.. (have tried opening it to 1 3/4 but loses performance) running on 98 ron
    2) Clean the carbs
    3) check the timing on the programmer + 1 degree

    so far I have ran it for a couple of races and kept checking the pistons and plugs..seems OK...but im very curious and do not want to do to much damage....can anyone help what else i can look at...
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