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    Crazy HP loss mid ride to end. whats wrong??

    the rxp has 29 hours on it and i had it out on the CT river yesterday when i launched it ran nice, went off a couple wakes later on and then i was idling just to take a brake, then hit the throttle and to my surprise there was lack of serious power. i was listening to the engine and it sounded like the SC wasnt sucking in as much air. it wasint hissing like it does when it idles. i dunno what the hell is going on, especialy at only 29 hours. its under warrenty so wha do you pros think???
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    sounds like the washers are gone. pull s/c hose and try to spin wheel. if you can they are gone.

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    Yeap, clutch washers for the charger are wasted. If you never felt the whole ski jerking, then the oil pump never ate them yet. Get the metal clutch washers now. Don`t ride it again till you do so or you`ll send the clutches through the oil pumps.

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    i have a two year warrenty and i think the metal washers would void it, is it a hard job and do i need special tools

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