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    Can the ski engine get vapor lock?

    This ski I bought last month, 2000 XL 800, installed a new starter rely and re-connected an oil line that came off, and it has been running great...until yesterday. My son and I had been scurfing all day, ski ran great, I went out on Tampa Bay for a 45 mph solo blast across the Bay, a storm came up so I ducked into Tampa Yacht Club, tied it up, had a beer and watched a huge storm blow over, lightening and all.

    Then got on my ski, pushed the starter, engine turns over fine, BUT never even hits a single lick, repeated several times, different throttle settings everything I could think of to get it to start, nada, called my son for the trailer took it home, put the charger on and tried it again, nada, looks to be getting spark and the plugs smelled of gas, so, I'm stumped.

    Thinking it was a hot day, running fast, then a quick shut off, maybe the fuel pumps vapor locked and are full of air??? I did notice the fuel filter was less than half full of gas, the level below the fuel lines coming in and out, strange. Half a tank of gas too, 3/4s oil.

    Today when I get home from work, I'll spray starter fluid in the intake and give that a try.

    Any thoughts?

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    I heard you were not supposed to use starter fluid on 2 smokes. Could cause damage to reeds is my guess.
    Does the ski have spark?

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    by using starting fluid you are washing oil off of the cylinder walls. I have heard of carbs being heat soaked but not vapor lock. A leaky needle/seat combination will also cause for hard starting.

    It may be time to go through the carbs and rebuild.

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    just use the correct starting fluid

    or mix up some premix and dribble it into the plug holes! Z

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    My skis start hard if its a hot day, I run them hard for an extended period then shut them off and let them sit for about an hour. If I prime them or choke them they start easier. This usually happens when the temps are 110° or above.

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    So strange, I got home, a quick spray of starting fluid and it started right up, ran fine, flushed the engine while it warmed up. I guess I need to keep a can of starting fluid as insurance. I've got a new fuel filter coming which could reduce the vaccum between the filter and the pumps. Vapor lock can happen easier when the fuel line is hot AND there is a bigger than normal vaccum on the line.

    This is the only thing I can think of.

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    Some Ski's really like a primer kit! actually I replace the chokes on all my ski's with primer kits Z

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    Hey can you tell me more about Primer kit Z???

    you could send info to also.


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