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    Apperently The Hulls Are Different, 06, 07

    Spoke To A Guy At Ppg Today And Was Telling Him That My Father In Law Has A 06 Rxt Bone Stock Does 66.9 @7880 Rpms Yes Gps. My Ski When It Was Bone Stock Did 65.8. Was Asking About Hull Truing And He Said They Changed The Hull A Little To Keep The Speed Down Anybody Heard Of This

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    Save your time and money getting your hull trued at PPG. They are so careless and cut corners on everything. I had a nightmare of a time dealing with them getting mine done. I raced this weekend, and I think about 50% of the paint fell off the bottom... They ran it into a shop cart once and had to re-repair it, they scratched up my graphics on the side, then clear coated over them, dropped the whole ski in the parking lot while trying to load it on a trailer ( with me standing right there watching it the whole time ). It didnt make any difference handling wise or top speed wise.. and I had to stay 2 extra nights there waiting for them to fix it... after it had been there for over 2 weeks for them to work on it.. and now after using the boat for about 3hrs. it looks like crap.

    I have an RXT an have never heard of the hull change in 05/06. My 05 runs 66.8mph on GPS bone stock.

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    haha gotta love the ppg touch!

    no but seriously im sorry to hear that.

    back to the topic, i havnt noticed any hull difference but then again ive never back to backed gpsed any rxts

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    Whoever it was at PPG who told you that tall tail doesn't know what he is talking about....maybe it was the "man" himself....that would make sense !


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    I wish I could get my $$$ back for sure....After a few rides the paint was peeling like crazy.....Not to their defense but they are not the actual ones who perform this job, its a place called London Boats close to them.....Even though they should back it up as if they did it...

    Took mine it and just because it had a few beaching scratches the place wanted $150 to get 'em fixed.....Was about to do it when my ski fell off the trailer and ruined it even more.....Silly me took it back to them and now my bottom is almost paintless.....Oh and I was told by a reputable source that they DID NOT use GELCOAT and used regular CAR PAINT.

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