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    Water standing in built in Cooler

    05 Sportster SCIC, previously the cooler would drain, although slowly, the water would eventually drain out. Now the cooler is just sitting with a few inches of water and it won't drain out. I soaked it up with a towel, and I can actually see more water coming in from the drain hole as I soak it up. Can someone please tell me where this drains and what may be stopped up? I checked my service manual and did not see anything. Thanks

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    I used to own a sportster and found that my cooler drain would do the same thing. Every once in a while I just took a long screw driver and stuck it through the hole as far as it would go and she would start to drain again.
    I think there is foam directly below the hole and it gets clogged. The water simply drains into the bilge.

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    Same problem here on a 06 sportster.I also stuck a screw driver in the hole several times to bust out the foam after that no problems.

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    Thanks for the replies! I did stick a screwdriver in there to see what it was, however I did not pry around because I assumed there was a hose or some sort. I did feel the foam, so I guess I will just poke around until it starts draining. Thanks again.

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    Now that I think about it, do I have a bigger issue here? When I soaked up the water, I could see more water coming in to the cooler. Does this mean that my bilge is not draining somewhere? I do not have water in the engine area, however was unsure where the ski locker/cooler would drain to.

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    I just suck the water out with a shop-vac.

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    If you look at the manual, the front compartment is really a storage compartment (at least on my 05 sportster). The cooler is actually under the cover in front of the helm (the little black insulated holder.

    I do use the front conpartment as a cooler and I see the same thing (water coming back up after I soak it up). What I do, is use a shop vac, put it right over the hole for a minute or so, and it will suck all the water out.

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