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    Well,bought a used mfd off of wetherby about month and half ago and still no mfd how honest is this guy?

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    You will get a wide variety of answers when opening that can. As for me, I think he is honest, just extremely busy. Send him a PM and ask about it.

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    Yah, busy is an understatement.
    As per our conversations on the phone, I was waiting for a rebuild to come in (over 3 weeks), so I wouldn't have to sell you the one off the SLX.
    Also, as per the message I left on your voice mail, it was sent out yesterday. That was an error on my part, I thought it had already been sent. Along with some poor fella by the name of Don Fogel.

    As for me being honorable? Yah, you'll get varying answers on that since I'm rather unpopular at the moment. No doubt you'll get a pm stating what a P.O.S. I am. Slanderous pm's are appearantly allowed here without repercussions.

    Also, the 10-20 calls I get a day are hard to answer, since it's 95+db in the shop.

    But in the end, everyone is always paid, or get what they paid for. So, no worries.

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