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    Is my hour meter working

    I bought a 07 Challenger 6 weeks ago and have had it in the water 8 times the hour meter is still reading 1 hour, I know we have run it more than that, the only thing I am worried about is my first oil change or ten hour service. Is there a way to fix the problem without taking it to the steeler.

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    Unfortunately not, It seems to be a problem that Bombardier doesn't have a fix for. I have an 07 Speedster with the same problem. The dealer swapped out the ecm but that didn't fix it. I have about 12 hours on mine and it only shows 3. Looks like my compass doesn't read North either, just S,SW and SE. I'll take it back in next spring, maybe they'll have a fix for it then

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    Same here,I have about 12 hrs on my 07 speedster 150 but it shows 3 hrs.Hope my dealer will find something that could help,but I doubt it.

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    do you know how many hours you had when it said 1
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    I had about 6 hours when it said 1

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    Stop complaining your resale vaule is going to be awesome!!!

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    I had an 07 Challenger 180, and it would do the same thing. I took it back to the dealer, and they could read the correct hours off the engine. At the time I had 5hours 17 minutes on the engine, although the hour meter said 2 hours..........and after about 30 'real' hours, the goofy hour meter read 4 hours.
    The dealer contacted BRP, and they said that it is a software issue, and are in no real rush to fix it.

    You CAN get the actual hours on your just have to have the dealer hook up their computer to your engine.

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    This will be address in the next BUDS software release.

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