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    No More Cursing The Under Carb Mix Screws!!

    I couldn't sleep so I decided to do a little cooking on the problem. The mixture screws are so F('n hard to adjust on the underside. In my case being a hardcore tuner on SD's 951 the HS jet, but I'm ++++ that any screw on the underside of any make/model carb will take this well. I USED to use a small round HVAC inspection mirror to see them, but still your screwdriver slips off constantly and you really never know how accurate your 1/8 or 1/4 turn was. The LS adjusters are so nice with the T handles and fat head too. The ROTAX motor is so well thought out but once in the boat all that changes.
    FIX: 1: take a piece of 1/4" refrigeration "soft" copper tubing and cut two 1/2" pieces off. 2: Take a dremel tool and debur the inside on both ends. 3: Take out the mixture screws and remove the spring, washer, oring. 4: Lightly tap the copper over the head until it seats on the shoulder of the screw cap. 5: on a wire wheel or a wire brush dremel bit clean the area where the end of the copper meets the brass screw head. (I used a 45%silver blue flux coated brazing rod available at some auto parts stores, or HVAC supply shops). 5:Using a MAPP gas torch very carefully heat and braze the joint taking care not to let any run down the shaft of your screw. 6: Insert the screw and check all clearances to make sure the extended copper sleeve does not interfere with throttle linkage. Now you have a nice little sleeve for your screwdriver to get into .Here's pics.
    If anyone wants theirs done I will do it for the cost of the silver and gas.
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    small enough pictures !!! maybe my eyes are getting crappy.

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    GH wont let me post pics I put full size on PWC today just search me!!!!

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