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    Need help 97 gti

    I have a 97 GTI that won't run right. I checked compression and got a lot of water out of the cylinders while I was cranking it. (I found out later that it had been rolled over at some point) So I took the top end apart and cleaned as much water as I could out of the bottom end. Rings, cyl walls, pistons looked ok. Put it back together with new gaskets. Compression now at 135 and 137. tried to run it and it would only idle. Whenever I tried to accelerate it would bog down really bad. Checked the fuel filter in the front. It had a little bit of dirt in it but it wasn't too bad. still acting the same. The fuel gauge isn't working either. Anybody have a suggestion? Thanks

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    did u

    empty gas out of tank what kind of carbs u running?

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    Single carb. Not sure which one exactly.

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