Hey Everyone. I debated posting this on the performance forum, but I have read so much about the gas in oil problem here that I had to.
Dropped the Ski at the dealer two days ago. 13 hours on it, and pretty strong smell of gas in the oil. They called today and wanted to do a 10 hour service on it, oil/filter/lube some things and make sure everything is tight. Wanted almost $200 for it. When I went in to pick it up today, the girl behind the counter and one of service guys are running this smack that if I don't have the service done by them, my warranty will be voided and to "protect myself", I should pay them to do it.
I'll spare you the details, but an hour later, I had gotten the svc manager down to $108 and should be done tomorrow. One of the main points I made to him was that I didn't put the gas in the oil and it didn't belong there. Ergo, it should be covered under warranty. He kept telling me about the 10 hour service too.
I got home and went to the owners manual, apparently the oil isn't supposed to be changed till 25 hours. I'm sure your all aware of that. Anyway, here is the important part: The service manager called Me, and told me that after talking to Kawi again, the oil change will be covered under warranty, because it is contaminated and is before the recommended change interval.
Additionally, in his notes from the first phone call:

tank of gas last' as little as an hour.

rings will seat by 20 hours not 10

there is a 10 hour break in period, not 5.

Well there it is. thought you all would like to know..........