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    VTS works.. gauge doesnt..


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    I just picked up a new/used one for my 97 SPX... My VTS worked but the gauge didn't, now it all works. I only paid like 20 bucks for it. Most 2" gauges will work on that ski.

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    Sometimes the eye on the trim rod inside the housing gets worn off and its as simple as replacing the trim rod.

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    my magnet wore off basically so i took mine out and ground down flush and clean then jb welded a magnet that i ground into a circle back on it. works perfect now.

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    Unplug the two brown feed wires from the VTS housing to the gauge. Push your start stop button. If the gauge goes full up when the gauges are energized the gauge is ok. It is your VTS housing. If no movement on the gauge when energized...the gauge is bad.

    You owe me a 1/5th of Crown Special Reserve for that diagnosis...

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