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    Is this impeller....

    usable for one day with out chewing into a new wear ring?
    I am waiting for my new 14/19 from Jerry after ingestiing rocks but wont have it for a week or so. This weekend however is probably the last really nice one until next year for the east coast.
    My shop manual says check if blade tips are blunted round, chipped or broken. Such impeller is unbalanced and will vibrate and damage wear ring, impeller shaft, shaft seal or bearings. Renew if damaged.
    I filed and sanded the edges to make them as smooth as possible but notice the chip in the picture.

    Will one day hurt things if I take it easy?

    Ok how do I upload the picture. I put it in the gallery and pasted the link with the image add button but no go.

    How about this.

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    dosan't look that bad to me, mine was worse when I changed it and didn't seem to eat up wear rimgs that fast.

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