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    Oil Temp and SC Air Temp High ??? "UPDATE"

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    Oil Temp and SC Air Temp High ???

    I have been having an oil problem with my ski and it is now at my local dealer - they were able to read via their software that the oil temp and the sc air temp went high on 3 different times - all three times the rpm was 6800 or higher - which the ski indicated on the dash each time it happened and the rpm was reduced on the ski for about 10 or 15 minutes allowing the temp to go down. The dealer can't seem to find a problem after working with the manufacturer on the phone. The only modifications to the ski are Riva Preformance Filter and Riva Free Flow Exhaust. The three times it happened were all the same day and I took it to the place it was bought that same afternoon. I am not a ski mechanic nor do I know much about the ski - have had 2 strokes in the past. Ski has been great up to this point.

    UPDATE as of 09-06-07 (Dealer has 27 hrs labor on the ski as of today) They have more labor hours on it than I have rode it.
    Last week the mechanic thought he located the problem. He found a small crack in the exhaust manifold and a defective oring on the pump for the cooling system inlet. He ordered the parts from Kawi and they arrived yesterday - he then made the repairs and put everything back together and called and said all should be good - he was going to take the ski out and water test it today and I could pick it up around noon. All sounds good right, well read on. I get a call around 11am and he starts in with the bad news. He said he took the ski out and it was running rough so he replaced the plugs and it seemed better - he then continued to ride for a while and noticed the rpm kept dropping and then he got the oil overheat warning and before he got back to the ramp - the motor seized. So he then tells me he is pretty sure he will now be able to find the problem and what was causing the overheat problem. They are pulling the motor and hope to have some positive news by Friday evening or Saturday.

    I will keep you informed.

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    Yeah, he'll be able to find the problem alright!! Looks like you will be getting a new motor!! Lucky you!

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    let me know who you use so I can get him to work on mine...mabe I can get a new motor after he's done.

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