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    Question Speedometer ?

    Hey guys,

    Seems like my 05 C180 needs a speedometer adjustment, the dealer says it's an easy fix...just an adjustment.....Do anybody around here know what is the procedure to adjust the Speed that the Speedometer reads out...?

    Last week-end i was on water with a friend who got an 02 Utopia, we compared the speeds we were getting, he said to me that from his speedo i was running safely over 43 Mph....but mine only shows 30 mph, so i want this thing to be adjusted but i don't know how to do it.

    Thank in advance.

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    Since you have an 05 you would have an analog speedo, so yes it can be adjusted. Mine was off by over 10 MPH as well.
    Just pull your dash panel and on the back of the speedo you will find two black rubber plugs and under each of those plugs is a potentiometer.
    Forgot which one you turn but you could simply mark each one before adjusting. Use a small allen key and turn clockwise to increase speedo reading.

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    Thank you very much, i'll make sure to adjust the speedo with a GPS device. Thanks again for the heads up on the analog speedo gage...!

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