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    08 GPR

    Iv had a 07 ultra since May. Its a great ski but it sucks down gas, and i dont like the fact that i cant throw it around. It doesnt feel like a "real" jet ski, its a damm barge. I have riddingfriends GPR's an i just find it a hell of alot more fun of a machine too ride. But heres whats up, i ride two up here an there. I never rode two up on the gpr, but it seems like it would be a bitch. Would it be worth it too trade in the ultra for the GPR? An im not gonna lie, im a big fan of 2-strokes, mostly becuase i dont know how to work on four strokes

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    2 up on a gpr isnt very comfortable for the driver,handelbars 6 inches from your chest. Yamaha should've labeled it as a 1 1/2 seater.

    I've never rode an ultra 250, but just seeing them ride. It looks to be a couch.(comming from a gpr rider) I've rode fx cruisers.Big and maneuverable, a bit underpowered at 160 hp. They cant get as high as the gpr off waves. But, in 2ft chop my Fx buddies are laughing as im getting spinal impaction.

    I'm hoping someone local to me picks up an fx sho. I'd love to take it for a ride and see if it can sway me away from one of my gpr's. If the tuners can do for the sho engine what they have done for the 4-tec engine, im going for it. My 2007 frieghtliner tractor is capable of 525hp. Our company has it set at 455hp and 67mph top speed.

    An 1800cc supercharged engine on 6 lbs boost @ 220hp on 87 octane gas has to be tuneable to 300+hp factory. If sea-doo can bump thier hp up 40 to 255(im sure they're close to factory max now). You know that yami has another 100-150hp hidden in thier engine waiting to play the hp #'s game for the next few years.

    I have a feeling though that yamaha isnt going to release the ecu codes for the sho just like they havent for the efi gpr's in 4 years and it's going to be a tail chase for awhile. If the codes get out. Theres going to be alot of 80+ mph sho's out there with just an ecu upgrade,minor add ons and prop pitch ups.

    It should be an interesting year comming up.

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