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    2007 150 Speedster or 2004 160 Speedster?

    I am trying to decide if I should get a 150 speedster 155hp or a 2004 160 speedster both brand new from a local dealer. What are the pros or cons of rotax versus merc engine or pros/cons of the 2 boats? Any advice would be great!

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    No one knows the pros or cons of the 2 engine types?

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    The 4tec engine (155hp) is a 4 stoke engine with great reliability, very good fuel economy, its quiet and don't requires oil! The Speedster 150 is a great boat! The top speed is around 48mph. The Speedster 160 is also a great boat, more performant than de Sportster (155hp). The top speed is around 55mph. The engine as a good reliability too, but the sound of the 2 stroke engine is not great as the 4tec one, fuel economy is not great as a 4tec engine too, and it drink oil. So if performance is not that much important for you, go with the Speedster 150 for sure. If you want more performance check for a Speedster 150 but with the Supercharged engine (215hp) this is boat is faster than a Speedster 160 with all the advantage of the Speedster 150 and its 4tec engine!
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    go with the 215HP or the new 255HP

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