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    Question Flushing A 1986 Js550 ??

    Well Hello People that know more about a Jet Ski than I do. How are you? I'm perplexed, wait there's a reason for this.......
    I bought this 1979 JS440 that had a 1986 JS550 engine in it, I get it home put in a little fuel, replaced the battery and gave it a crank, it cranked but no start. I quickly figured it out that there was fuel pumping issue, which I fix and then crank again.... VaaRoom..... it fires right up, but runs poorly due to the obvious fack that I screwed with the carb settings, while fixing the fuel pump issue. So, I grab the nearest hose, and attach one end to my house's hose bib, and the other to the hose type end adapter thats comming off my cylinder head, and turn on the water, to a moderate flow. I dilly dally a little and get back to the start button and it cranks, tries a little fire and die's. I crank and crank untill I'm sure it's flooded, so I stop and yank out both spark plugs. I look briefly at them both and see they are wet and smell of fuel. While I'm looking at the spark plugs I suddenly notice water comming from the spark plug holes, shit I think, gotta bad motor. Then I think a bit, wait there's water in the exhaust, and if enough got into the exhaust, it would eventually get into the cylinded because there are no "valves" on this engine. So I ask all you smart people ouy yhere: Is this water thing normal or do I have a potentialy bad engine???
    Please, respond, but don't laygh to hard. Thanks.

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    You never turn the water on until the engine is running and always turn the water off before turning off the engine.

    When you turn on the water without running the engine, the water flows through the stinger and fills up the exhaust, then back flows into the cylinders.

    Make sure to get all of the water out of the engine and fog it real good or will have big problems.

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