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    Good deal or bad?

    Hi folks!
    I just sold my ski's and was wondering if you think I got screwed or if I did the screwing:

    I sold a 05 RXP with 45 hours on it. Stock except Spray Deflector. Plus a 1996 Yamaha Waveblaster 2. Plus a 2005 double trailer that one of the wheel bearings just blew out and will need about 500 bucks worth of work. I got $7700 for everything. What do you guys think?

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    that was a good deal for the other guy i think....but also NOT a screw-job on u

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    I think it was a great deal for the other guy. You can probably sell a blaster 2 for $2000-2500. So the buyer got a RXP and double trailer for around $5200! Thats a good deal. You could have sold your RXP on here or ebay for probably $7000+++.

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    Thanks for your opinions. Believe it or not, I was having a hard time selling these here in Hawaii. and after seeing the classifieds on here and Ebay, I didnt think I was going to get more than $5000 for the RXP any way. So I thought I should take this offer. Maybe I should have waited a little longer

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    Hard time selling in Hawaii? I would kill to be able to ski year round.
    But then again it maybe a case of not taking advantage of the year round sun.

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    Well now that you mentioned you are in Hawaii you threw a slant on the whole picture...

    Thats awesome!!! Tough to sell because your isolated to only the people on the island and surrounding islands... maybe a W coast buyer if they have the money to get it shipped over seas and what not.... Good Job!!!

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    $7,700... I think you got screwed, Hawaiian style.
    But who cares, you live in paradise!

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    Yeah. I thought it would be great too. I bought them while I was in Florida, and had a blast. I always had a different place to ride, be it in the ocean, in the sound, hopping from island to island, or cruising down a river. Here in Hawaii, there are just too many regulations and restricted areas. Plus, you can only ride out in the open ocean and Its pretty rough out there. It's really not that great and its not as popluar as you would think. Plus there are no Sea Doo dealers here.

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