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    Lets blow em up!

    I have a way to deal with Kawi and our screwed up skis... Buy the extended warranty. The manual says oil change every 50 hours so am not going to change my oil i will just suck out the overfilled amount each time I ride after 50 hours I should be at about 90% oil A little WOT at that point should make it snap!

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    Except you've just documented your failure for Kawi.
    Although we know you're just kidding.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ph2ocraft View Post
    Except you've just documented your failure for Kawi.
    Yeah really.
    That's a great line of thinking. Blow it up and let hundreds of people on a public forum know about it

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    I am not going to blow it up I am just going to follow the service interval in the book it says 50 hours on the oil. i think if i let it go 50 hours it will break on its own.

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    Real simple here guys, documentation.

    1) Call Kawi so it's documented you called
    2) Have an oil anaylsis done so you have third party documentation
    3)Call Kawi again to let them know what the anaylsis is
    4) Document your oil changes

    Look, Kawi knows this is a problem, but until they have a fix or enough documentation were stuck sitting here. Thing is enough of us need to document to champion a fix, while we're still under warranty. The delaers can't fix until Kawi has a solution. Kawi is more apt to support their dealers in a situation than to admit to a consumer on the phone. But don't blast your dealer who doesn't have a solution from the manufacturer yet.

    In the meantime we protoect our investment through excessive maintenance, oil changes.

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