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    What do you think about this Company?


    I am Seadoo rider so i think the best posting is here!

    Look to this Seadoo Clone!

    What do you think about that? the price is 6000$


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    Kinda reminds me of the old 1200 Wave Venture's from Yamaha... will probably get you around the water for the day but nothing to blow your socks off... certainly doesn't appear to be performance heavy.... looks like an awesome learner ski....

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    you get what you pay for... there cheap knock offs....

    I had the argument with a freind over the mini wheelers... Ive got my kids two ETON 90's. (well built and known ATVs) and paid 2000 a peice..
    my bud goes out and buys a simular looking atv at pep boys for 600 bucks.. and swears that it as good as the etons..
    1st day at the ride park he breaks the frame on a bush. a dam bush, not a tree.. so we weld the frame and the next time out, back a hour drive to the ride park and this time we cant get it to start even with starting fluid.

    both times my kiddo's end up sharing their 3 year old (never broke down or even maintained) ATV's with his kids and their (new) broken never really rode pep boy POS atv....

    moral of the story..
    you pay now and enjoy your ride time or
    save money and buy the cheapy that will leave you watching your freinds ride while your fixing yours or trying to keep up...

    just my opion from experiance in the ATV world...

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    "No. of R&D Staff:Less than 5 People"

    Makes me wanna go buy a dozen of them.

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