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Thread: Oil & Gas ?

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    Oil & Gas ?

    I went by a local marinf shop to pick up some oil today and I decided to start running synthetic oil.

    What are the pro's and cons with synthetic?

    I have been useing the cheap stuff from walmart in the past but want to try useing somehting better to help the life of the ski and etc.

    Going out in the morning but currently I still have the walmart stuff in it. Do I need to pull the oil tank and dump it or can I just mix the 2 types. I figure dump the old and in with the new but wanted to find out the for sure way.

    While I was at the shop the guy had suggested to use some fuel stabilizer due to the ethonal. Any one ever used used or have their opinions on it?

    Thanks for the help

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    When mixing two different oils, I always run the tank as low as possible before adding the new stuff. Most 2 stroke oils are compatible today, with the exception of castor bean oil.

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    Con is it cost more moola.
    Pro, the engines last longer, run cooler and say Thank You.
    I also like to drain my oil tank as low as possible before filling with synthetic.
    I use a fuel stabilizer but only to keep the fuel fresh while sitting.

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    Thank you for the replies.

    To be honest Im scared to run the oil low due to recent problems so Ill just remove the tank and dump it.

    If thats the only con Ill stay with synthetic. I want a happy ski.

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    Hmm I want a happy ski too. On a similar topic, in my new motor I ran dino for about two tanks at about 32:1, and now I've run synthetic blend the last two tanks at 40:1. So far roughly gone through 4 tanks of fuel. Good idea for me to go to synthetic too at this point in my premix?

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