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    I Backed Out of My Deal on My New 2007 RXP!

    Thanks for all of the info some of you have given me on the 2004 to 2007 RXP's. I changed my mind on buying one at this time. The dealer could not garentee me a buy back if the ski's supercharger went out this weekend on the 1st trip to the lake with it. I think he was pissed at me, as he did not have it in stock, and was getting the ski I was to buy from another dealer. After I went in to first buy it, and set up the deal, he did not want me to sign papers, (or could not ask me to), as he had to get it into his dealership 1st. He asked me if I wanted to leave my 2001 GPR trade in there. I did not. Good thing I didn't, or I would of had to buy it. After reading all the info on the supercharger troubles, I decided Thursday that this was not worth it so late in the year. I was going to take the supercharger off and send it to Jerry for the up-grades, but this all did not make since to me. Buy a new ski, that I cannot even ride this weekend without risking supercharger failures???? I will wait for the 2008's to come out, as it looks like they will have the metal washers from the factory. Thanks again for all the info, as I would not had a clue to the troubles with the superchargers on these skis..... James in WV USA.

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    way to go...good for you

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    way to go....2008 rxp-x...good for you

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    i know, it doesnt seem to make sense to buy a brand new ski only to have to tear it apart to replace parts

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    You need to write a letter to Sea Doo and tell them that you're not buying an 07 because of the washer issue.

    Maybe then Sea Doo will start doing factory recalls and install the proper parts.

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    i think you made the rite choice a few months will fly by and then u will have a better more reliable ski

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