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    PPK Results and Steering nozzle.

    Decided to take my R&D PPK out because it was totally sealed and I didnt want to deal with increasing the chance of cracking the pump tunnel. So I bought a new pump shoe, the Riva kit, and the strip of cushion that comes on the pump inlet shoe. I put all the pieces in except for the 4 that go in the spots where the shoe has the holes drilled from the factory. So basically everything went in brand new - with just a little silicon at the back of the shoe and around the bolt holes. Put the stock intake grate back on until the pro-tec ones come tomorrow and the stock ride plate. Jim has my R&D. Also put on a R&D nozzle. Well I have to say that the boat felt better today with how I had the pump set up. Maybe it is just mental. The extended nozzle set up on the quick steer hole is just kick ass in every way. Boat felt great. Hit 65 with a solid quarter tank of fuel, 84 degree water and 94 degree heat after running the boat hard. The nozzle makes the boat handle better in every way and take a lot less effort to turn.

    I have to say that I had an R&D intake grate and now a nozzle from them. They both were silver and look like shit. A ton of imperfections all over. I sanded the inside of the nozzle to make it a lot smoother and went to town on the intake grate but then sold it. Also the PPK had to be shaved to fit flush. The riva seemed ok event hough its probably the same product just different packaging. The ride plate also looked like crap but that goes to jim anyway. Just my .02
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