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    Lights for my new GTI

    Is there was any way i can hook up lights for operating at night? Whether legally i would have to have boat lights. My main thoughts were driving lights and whether the charging system can handle it. And what are those little red and blue terminals on the side of my hull?

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    please check you local/state laws. I`m pretty sure you can not operate any PWC at night in US waters. I could go on about safety and why PWC shouldn`t be driven at night, but we`ll leave that to common sense.
    What terminals are you speaking of? post a pic...PR...

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    the litte red and blue vents are for the battery and fuel vent.

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    I don't condone riding at night, but if you do get some, you want LED which only draw a couple hundred miliamp which won't affect your battery or charging circuit.

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    I believe the reason its illegal to ride at night is for the very reason that you don't have lights. If you do install nav lights make sure they are set up appropriately, check coast guad regs (white at the highest point, reg/green in front), for that. As for your typical headlight, technically I don't think you're supposed to use it under way, only for docking or spot checking (and possibly communication). IMO you see better without it.

    I don't consider myself an expert, but I did play as a harbormaster back in college.... Back then, my beaches were the safest on the east coast!!!

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    Some states allow you to put lights on and ride at night, most prohibit PWCs from night operation regardless of how they're equipped. I believe the list of states that allow night PWC riding with lights is as follows (this may no longer be current):

    South Dakota

    All others prohibit night operation, period.

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    well, i guess thats that.............

    kansas doesnt allow pwc's to operate from sunset to sunrise.......thanks

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