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    When is a "hardened" driveshaft needed?

    I know these things are tough to come by these days...I had the pump off of the Virage and noticed that the splines on the impeller side of the driveshaft are showing some wear. The drive side of the teeth are starting to take a beating. Coupler side looks perfect. I did notice that they had some wear when I acquired the boat, back when it was stock. Impeller splines look perfect. Driveshaft/boat has 80 hours on it. They arent worn at a weird angle...the contact pattern looks perfect, which makes me think the alignment is ok, but it needs to be checked anyway. So is a hardened driveshaft required for the RPM/load I'm running, or is it only for when you get closer to 8k?

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    I was under the impression it was to resist the flexing at high RPM. Try Randy at Watcon. I think he sells or at least sold them. Give him a call?

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    From Randy's site
    Reduces flex
    Reduces twisting
    Reduces spline stripping
    Reduces high rpm whip.

    Check your engine mounts and be sure your driveshaft alignment is good.
    Install the rubber bumpers at shaft ends.
    Since installing the hardened shaft I know longer strip splines at the shaft and impeller.
    Still looking for my spare drive shafts.

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    Definately helps with rotational whip and becomes even more important for higher reving machines that come unhooked and rehook a lot. (rough water riding for example)


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