I have posted a thread in the past and have had great help from everyone. At first my ski (99 xl1200 limited w/ 70 hrs) was having cavatation problems. I ordered a pump seal kit, R&D intake grate, solas 13/19 impeller. I installed and used 3m 4200 and 5200 and sealed up the whole pump shoe. I took the ski out to the river and fixed the problem. Only ran it for about and hour or so. The next trip out I went to the ocean ran great for about three hours or so jumping waves. I then went and fueld up at the dock. within about 5 or 10 minutes the ski started acting up. The ski starte bogging and eventually would not go past 18 mph or so and stalled once or twice. At WOT it just bogged. My buddy filled up his GP1300 right before me and no problems at all. Came home did some thread reading. I replaced the cat , which was loose inside the flange, but not broken or clogged with a d-plate and chip. Had the carbs off. but did not clean them. changes the fuel filter, spark plugs, and oil filter that is inside the oil tank. I also checked the reeds, which looked fine. I then went out the following weekend ran grat for about an hour. The ski then started to bogg then stalled. I was able to start it and it idled for a little while and eventually died and would not start. After I pulled it out of the water it started right up and sounded good.

I then pulled it apart again to get to the carbs. After taking the carbs apart the internal filter where about half way filled withy some orange looking s**t. IS there anything else I should check while its apart?? It has spark, psi is over 100 in each cyl.

Also a question, when i fluse it the water seems very dirty and shows signs of oil and possible gas in it.... very black water