Collectively, the mods have decided to change our approach in the ULTRA250 PERFORMANCE section.

From here on out, we are going to make a collective effort to move any NON-PERFORMANCE threads over to the Kawi general section. If they escalate over there, they will be out and out deleted. The entire thread if necessary. I'm starting on them tonight, with a one week redirect.
  • If you want to post somewhere else... please, by all means, spend your time elsewhere.
  • If your favorite poster has left, please find out where he or she went, and either bring them back, or stay over there with them.
  • If you have troubles that you are trying to get your dealer/kawi to fix, put them in the Kawi general section...NOT here.
  • If you would like HELP in fixing your Kawi Ultra 250 issue, post it here. As soon as it turns into another pissing match the thread will be deleted or moved, depending on the intent.
  • If your name keeps coming up in the admin board as some better-than-thou name calling asshat, then expect a PM from Jerry, Mike or Myself asking why you can't enjoy your online time here.
  • Do the admins a favor. Don't instigate fights. Bring up your issues by "report a post" function within the thread. We will see it and either take action or not depending on the thread.
  • If you know of a cool new performance item, or just want to beat the dead horse on modifying a stock rideplate on the Ultra, then THIS is the correct board.
  • If you feel the need to discuss a matter with the mods, then by all means do so...but if it means you can't respect the job that is done here, then don't bother. Just leave.
It's up to the posters (and mods) to turn this place around and make it otherwise. Jerry has provided a free forum, with minimum amount of adds. His online store pays for this site (and it's not cheap anymore.) Let's make the PERFORMANCE section related to just that.