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    flooded engine with sea water due to no bungs.

    i went out on my ski on saturaday in rough conditions and ahour later after id stopped my ski i couldnt get it started.i got towed inn and as i was at the shaw i realised i hadnt put the bungs inn.the water was up to the top of the engine and obivously it had gone inn through thefilters and down into the carbs.That night i eventually got the water out but unfourtnitly i still couldnt get it started. the next day{sunday} i got the jetski started but it kept on stopping after about ten seconds. monday and now im still working hard to get the ski going. i stripped the carbs totally and put it all back together. i got it started again and it started running abit better but it still sounds rough. i put it inn the water tonight and as soon as the ski hits water it just dies. i dont know whats wrong and i need help!!!!!!!! please
    my ski is a gp yamaha 1200
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    as soon as possible!

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    Do a compression check. You may have a bent rod, or damaged piston. If it actually ingested water while running, it coudl be bad.

    Work quickly.

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    You need to get that thing fired ASAP!!! If it requires turning the boat upside down with the plugs out do it. Have had race boats sink and the only way to get them back going quickly was to turn them upside down on the bars with the spark plugs out and turn the motor over. This will get the residual water out of the cases and running again. If there is any water in the crankcases it will hit the plug and not fire. As soon as it is running again you need to ride the crap out of it to clean the salt off of the crank bearings.

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    You could have water in the gas tank, too. Dump some rubbing alcohol in the tank and get that thing running on the water. Once you do, run the snot out of it to get all the water/moisture out. It may not be the end of the world. I sunk mine completely and got it running withing a day. Been running strong ever since.

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