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    Winterizing 06' Utopia SE

    Just wanted to ask the opinions of the crew on the forum about winterizing. My dealer wants $350 total (includes labor and supplies on both engines) to winterize my boat. If I were to do it myself is it difficult? I'm somewhat mechanically inclined so I was curious to what everyone's thoughts were if I should have the dealer do it at this price or I should attempt it myself. I would hate to screw something up and crack the blocks.

    Thanks, in advance, for the input,

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    Just picked up our Utopia on Tuesday, first time out on the lake. Loved it. We worked a deal out with the dealer for the first time winterization. He also quoted me about $350. Not sure what is involved, but the mechanic at the shop said I should do the 10 hour check at the same time because it checked alot of the same items.

    I do have a couple of questions though. Where is the hour meter if it has one, and is there any way to get the manual for the depth finder supplied with the boat?


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    hamrdwn, check your PM.....


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