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    finally got a chance to go for a ride this weekend

    yesterday was absolutely beautiful here in jersey. i wasnt dissapointed but maybe a little confused. last summer all i had was opas block offs and a power pipe. during the winter i added riva wedge, riva grate, solas 14/19, vortech sc imp, skat trak modded pump and venturi (at this point still stock air box). it pulled hard, i hit 8100 rpms easily even with stock air box. gps #s was dissapointing though, only 70.6 . today i pulled that crapy stock air intake out and put a 4" intake from the sc to the end the vent thats underneath the glove box. i figured i would be all over the limiter with this set up. went out, still 8100 rpms. didnt get a chance to gps, winds were too strong. then i realized i was running the 81mm venturi. but i still dont get how i can run the same rpm with stock air intake a 4" air intake i will try putting the 82mm on next time out and see what happens. could one or several blades on the prop be out of whack? oil level is perfect, prop/pump/wear ring are all brand new, it runs great, everything feels normal. any ideas?

    with the 4" intake it pulls MUCH harder not to mention it sounds f'in MEAN just doesnt have any top end

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    Well atleast you got to enjoy your ride. My ski was in the shop for the last two weeks for bearings, now today was a beautiful day and got out on the water and the fuel pump decided to crap out on me. So I guess more down time.

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