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    Signs that the engine is getting tired?

    I have an '01 RX-DI with 220+ hours on it.

    The ski has been fantastic and I've had no repairs other than standard maintenance.

    My question is, what are the signs that the engine is starting to get tired? The ski still has the same top speed as it did when it was new but it seems like there is slightly more noise at idle.

    Final question - when these engines get to the point that they need to be rebuilt, do they leave you stranded on the lake or do they gradually lose performance?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Compression loss is the first indicator. Lack of compression results in slower starting, less bottom-end performance and less max rpms.

    I'd run a compression check and see if they are close to the same for each cylinder. Then pull the head for a visual inspection if one is more than 10 lbs lower than the other.

    It would be wise to do a top-end rebuild before it siezes/quits on the water. Plus if the piston pin bearings fail it will trash your crank. Always better to do preventative before it actually fails...if you have excessive wear or noise present.

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    IMO you've got a good 951 so kept it going. These engines are known for catastrophic crankshaft related failures but there is no way of knowing when it will happen. If there's a noise that's concerning you try to find a Sea Doo mechanic who has done a lot of 951 rebuilds and have him listen to it.

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