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    A Highly Technical Question

    I had a problem with the engine temp sensor, so I replaced it, but the problem was still there.

    The sensor ohms out OK, but the resistance is cut in half at the ECU? I installed a resistor grounded to the engine block and eliminated the fault code, but the engine still idles too low and the engine runs rich.

    All of the sensors use the same wire on one side of the circuit, so I am assuming that wire is the one that is "bad." Example - the engine temp sensor has a black/yellow and black/orange wire, with the black/orange wire common to ALL of the sensors.

    The question - since the "bad" wire is common to all of the sensors, how in the heck do I repair it? And since it is common, should it be a ground wire? It currently has about 20k ohms resistance to ground.

    I am stumped here...

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    What year is it? A common to all sensors is usually referance voltage to power the sensors. We need a wiring diagram to know for sure.

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    I have a wiring diagram, but it doesn't give any specs.

    Here is the latest - I followed the manual for trolling speed out of spec. Pickup coil voltage is supposed to be 6 volts when cranking, and I have 3 volts, so the pickup coil is bad according to the manual.

    I also checked the lighting coil, which is supposed to have 7.5 ~ 9 volts when cranking. I came up with zero volts, but the ski still starts and runs?

    If I'm going to be pulling the front of the motor apart, I'll probably be rebuilding it and getting some ported jugs to boot.


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