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    Question rossier engineering 951 head

    I purchased a Rossier Engineering Billet head with 49cc domes for my 951 engine. Where can I get the best info on installation, mainly squash clearance. I tried Rossier's web sight, but there is no where to send them a question. I also need the o rings.

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    I'm pretty sure the miller Orings will work for the domes. I'll check, I have both. You need to put it on and check the squish. I think the 49CC domes are for race gas.

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    Here are the o-ring sizes for the Rossier head:

    o-ring around the top of the dome (spark plug hole):
    AS-568A Part Number: 568-120
    McMaster-Carr Part Number: 9464K84 (package of 50) $11.41
    Nominal Size: 1.000 i.d. x 3/32 cross-section
    Actual Size: .987 i.d. x .103 cross-section

    o-ring on the bottom of the dome (between the dome & the cylinder):
    AS-568A Part Number: 568-044
    McMaster-Carr Part Number: 9464K441 (package of 10) $7.88
    Nominal Size: 3.750 i.d. x 1/16 cross section
    Actual Size: 3.739 i.d. x .070 cross-section

    o-ring (cord stock) between the billet head and the cylinder:
    Cut to length and use a dab of silicone to seal the joint
    McMaster-Carr Part Number: 96515K41($1.14 per foot)
    Nominal Size:1/16 cross-section x approx. 33.00 long (not sure of actual length)
    Actual Size: .070 cross-section

    As far as squish clearance it depends on the rest of your set-up and what kind of gas you run. Probably around .070" to .075" with 93 octane gas and lower with race gas. I ran the Rossier head in a race gas set up with .055" squish.

    Dan (drb)

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    951 Rossier Head

    Thanks Dan. Part numbers are very helpful. Still have questions, but it looks like this project will have to go until winter.

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