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    Carb Adjustment After D-Plate Install????

    The instructions from Riva Yamaha say that you might have to readjust the air screws on the carbs after D-plate install. Has any on here had to readjust your carbs???

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    I've done 3 d-plates on stock boats and never had to change or adjust anything else. All ran great.

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    Do you have your tamper caps still in your carbs? Have your carbs been re-jetted? Are you running the stock air intake or aftermarket flame arrestors? Are the choke plates in or did you go with a primer kit?

    Do you have an aftermarket tachometer? A good aftermarket tach is a must when tuning carbs.

    I am assuming this is a 1200R since you are talking carbs.

    One of the first things a lot of us do to these skis is to rejet the carbs and disable the accellerator pump. The aftermarket flame arrestors go on at the same time.

    So an accurate list of mods is neccessary to help you with jetting.

    The good baseline jetting for a GP1200R is:

    110 pilots

    1.5 needles and seats with a non shiny gray spring (95 gram)

    125 mains (I use 120's but I have heard they can be lean on some peoples skis)

    adjuster settings

    1 1/2 turns out for the high speed screws

    1 turn out for the low speed screws

    This gets to be a little complicated. I personally would not think rejetting would be neccessary just swapping the cat out for a D-Plate if everything else is stock.

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