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    Talking How Many Hrs Till You Need To Do A Top-End Rebuild?

    When are you guys rebuilding your top ends? Riva Yamaha said it was about time to do mine. I have 83HRS..... stock motor.

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    from what i have read over the last 10 months, it varies, some say 100 hours some say they get 300 hours but it appears to have a lot to do with just how well you look after it.

    it seems an indicator of when you may need a top end rebuild is linked to how the ski is running ( say its running like a pig) and if its running badly what your copmpressions readings on your cylinders are and if it is below what it should be on either one or more cylinders its time for a rebuild of some type.

    My 02 is 115-114-115 the last time i checked it with 125 hours on the clock and my 06 is 125-125-125 with 41 hours on it , this might give you a better idea of what to expect when you compression test yours and these readings are acceptable as far as i know for stock motors with the hours i have on them.

    I am sure the crew here will shed more light on this area for you.

    I was recently told that i needed a top end rebuild by a place and that was even before they had looked at the ski heh, when i did take it somewhere else it turned out it was the carbs that were seized not the top end & thats why it was running so bad because the carbs has been neglected not because i needed a $1500AUD dollar top end rebuild. Mind you getting the carbs sorted out cost me an arm and a leg anyway (about 700 ontop of a 100 hour service)

    it would not be a bad idea to get a second opinion from somewhere else and do a compression test before you go and post the results on here along with your ski model (year etc..) and see what the board members say as no one here will give you bad advice, it will also help you see if a place is giving you bad advice.

    anyway thats my 2 cents, hope its of some value
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    my 1200 had 190 hours before I put new rings and bearings in. used the same pistons though. I only did this because I put a new crank in. Otherwise it was running very strong, just as strong as when I put it back together with new rings, etc.

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    Depends on use, compression, etc.. My 1200 had 283 on it before it got a new top end. Crank should be good for 400 or more. I know Jims1300 has 500+ on his crank.

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    Those of you with high hour, none event motors; do you use any fuel additive to keep the PV's clean? 'Something like Yamaha Ring Free or Startron?? 'Just wondering if I'm throwing money down the tank...

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