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    What Intake Grate, prop, nozzle, and Ride Plate Do I Buy??

    I am planning on ordering some new upgrades for my 2001 GPR 1200. I bought R&D parts for the intake grate, and ride plate.... and riva on the nozzle, Solas on the prop for my 95 Waveraider back in 1995. What brand do you guys sugest for my 2001 GPR???

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    R&D 800 intake grate if you ride in fairly smooth water (it is faster) R&D 1200 intake grate if you ride in rough water.

    Pro-Tec XLT style turning nozzle

    Get a plate from Jim or Carl. They are expensive, but it will give you great performance over a standard plate. If you are starting with stock aftermarket plate the R&D 1200 plate is a good choice.

    What mods do you plan to do in the future to your engine? A Solas 13/19 is the good impeller for a stock or near stock engine, a Nu-Jet 6.5 is good for that application too. The Nu-Jet will need to be pitched at a 13/19 or lower. The Solas will give you a better holeshot, the Nu-Jet will give you a better mid and top end. If you go to a high pressure pump neither will work.

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