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    What is a Carbon Ring pre-load?

    I read about this on,but what is it exactly? I may be having issues with it on my 06 RXP?

    Can anyone explain or post pix?


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    it's basically tension...

    there's an accordion boot that the driveshaft passes thru.. at the end of the acordion boot there's a carbon ring there that is stationary. on the driveshaft tehre is a Stinaless ring called the floating ring that spins against the carbon seal.. that's your seal against water coming into the hull.

    if the tension, the preload, pressing these two rings together is insufficient, then you could be taking on water and/or experiencing extreme cavitation at holeshot

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    Thank you for the reply. However I'm going to ask another newbie question now that I understand what is what. Is there a way to keep this from leaking? Is this something to keep greased or serviced or what is the best way to keep this tip top, especially in saltwater. Any info and tips greatly apprecieated. This forum is fantastic. I already ditched the ceramics prior to delivery. Looking to learn many more valuable lessons from you guys.

    Many thanks,

    SC 07/RXP/RXT

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