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    How to take the cylinder off a 1997 polaris sltx 1050

    Can anyone tell me how hrad it is to take the cylinder off to replace the rings and how to do it. thank Doug

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    It's very simple with basic hand tools but a ring compressor would be nice for installation. This is from memory so I may have missed something.

    Remove the water rail
    Remove the dome cover of affected cylinder
    Remove exhaust Bolts for affected cylinder
    Remove cylinder nuts
    Lift cylinder off piston
    Use screw driver or hook tool to remove cir clip holding wrist pin in place
    Remove wrist pin
    Remove piston
    Reverse order

    What was the cause for the failure?

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    replace piston and rings

    it was a blowen set of ringsin middle cylinder

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    Can you post a photo of the piston, cylinders and dome?

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