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    Oh My...r&d Fuel/oil Fix Price!!!

    Just got a call and it will be $399 plus shipping for the crankcase ventilator. Asked how it works and was told to call back and speak with Glen.

    For that price.....I could buy that $600 extended warranty off of Ebay for 4 years and be a little better off. Hope the motor shrapnels due to lack of lubrication and let Kawi replace the motor next year!

    Not sold on spending the money quite yet, but will call and get the details on how it is supposed to solve our problem.
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    Thats an INSANE price... From the picture I saw it looks like a simple secondary catch can and some vent lines... Depending on whats in the can, it may be a pretty simple do it yourself kind of fix...

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    WOW..... that seems kind of pricey!!!! I rather wait till Kawi comes up with the answer till then i guess i'll be doing oil changes every ?? hours. by the way i'll be using regular non-synthetic marine oil.....from now on!!!

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    I gotta see the solution.. Please someone post here ASAP.. thx LB

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    Im glad i dont have the problem, for $399.00 thats a lot of oil changes

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    Too much...way to much!

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    Butch from R&D called today. 399.00 for the oil fix. I don't think so. I'm gonna pass on this one. Asked him about the intercooler upgrade, no info or price as of yet. I told Butch that if the intercooler upgrade is priced anything like the oil can, they won't be selling many of them.
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    got a message today from r and d..399?..i was like wtf? you realize how much oil i can buy with 399 dollars?..that's half the price of an extended warranty..jeez.. i was thinking more like 80 to 150 bucks..all this waiting and this kind of price..does it really cost that much for parts and labor for these things..i also mention we don't even know if or how well they beagleman said..i don't think this price they may not be selling many..i would have been glad to beta test one for much does a flux capacitor cost then?

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    There must be something that we don't know about that is not in the picture from Born Riding.

    It can't be just a catch can mod....Someone that is interested in the part call them and find out what exactly it does and how.

    Not to mention, tell me how a secondary catch can mod is going to prevent gas getting in the oil....There is definately something else.

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    The gas in the oil is nothing more than blowby gases condensed. Somebody here other than me has had to of emptied their drain tube and poored out a semi clear liquid that smelled like gas. I have some almost every time out, but I gain very little level over time.

    The r&d fix by the picture is exactly what I speculated it would be a week ago. It is another catch can/seperator to catch the gases and condense them. This next part I am not sure of but is how I would do it. One line on the new catch can goes to the intake, one goes to the bottom of the existing catch can, and one goes back to the sump/pan.

    So blowby gases get caught in the secondary catch can but cannot drain back to the oil. What does not get caught will reburn in the engine.

    So, if you still have doubts search the sea doo forum for blowby and catch cans. I think you will find they have it but the catch can they install does not drain back to the pan.


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