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    3rd cylinder going out on triples?

    Has anyone finally figured out the deal with the 3rd cylinder crapping out on the Yamaha triple engines? This is on an 1100

    Mine's on it's 3rd piston, 2nd rod and new crank.

    I thought I read somewhere that it was a carb issue, any truth to that? I've got most of the engine out and apart and I was going to rebuild the carbs anyway, but I'm wondering if there's anything else I should be looking for issue wise.

    Lemme know!


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    if you have 38mm carbs there not so good.(1100 raider)
    44 mm from a 1200 solve the problem somewhat but still have some issues.

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    so from that, I guess there is a leaning out issue causing the rings to burn up?

    Sound right?

    I've heard of guys richening the third cylinder to try and take care of it, but I've also heard (or read, on groupk's sight) something about the pump hooking up hard and spinning the crank...

    grumble. It's my wife's boat. Maybe I'll just put in a rebuilt 701 for her

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