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    What was your first wrenching/modding experience?

    What age did everyone start learning to mod/wrench, and what application was it? This is NOT necessarily a ski. It could have been your first car, snowmobile, go-karts, even lawnmowers. If you want to give a little history with your first wrenching experience go ahead.

    I'll start...
    Previous experience was messing with little things like paintball guns, go-peds, etc. but really started working with a wrench in 2006 at age 17 with a 2004 SeaDoo RXP. Found this forum in fall of 2005. Got me interested in tinkering with it a little and has now lead me to taking this site up as an unofficial course at college. Added the Riva Stage 1, but after about a month with it I wanted more performance and a little more of a challenge with the wrench. I have worked my way to a custom Stage 2 and again want more performance and more of a challenge with the wrench. I would like to start getting into other applications such as snowmobiles, quads, and cars, but don't have the money or time to invest due to college. After college I plan on trying my hand at other applications.

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    When I was really young I would watch my father work on cars. At the time he was designing mufflers for OEM cars, and would often have new things home to tinker with. He would take me to his office on days that my mom was out, and I would just stare at all the machines putting the mufflers together...He would point stuff out to me and explain things, and I would nod.......Then when I was about 3-4 years old, one of his friends came over with a fairly new car. I crawled under it and looked at the exhaust system, and I yelled to my father and his friend "daddy, he's got a hole in his muffler...." They were like YEA RIGHT KID, its a new car....I kept telling him there was, and finally he crawled under and looked at it, and sure enough, it was a GAPPING hole near a weld....I knew what it was because when my father showed me them welding mufflers together, he would point out the ones that failed in the welding and were scrapped........His friend bought me ice cream that night!

    After that, I rememeber taking my bike apart after every ride, because I saw them taking dragsters apart after each run LOL

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    1999 - 1987 Monte Carlo SS, heads, cam, longtube headers and exhaust
    2002 - S/S gp800

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    There was an older dude across the street when I was a boy who had a bad-ass 65 Mustang. I started lurking around on weekends to get close to the action, and he was nice enough to let me do so. At some point, he started asking me to hand him wrenches, which was the coolest thing in the world at the time. Later, he asked me to loosen a bolt or something, and that's how it all got started.

    I hope one day I can do the same for another kid - introduce him to the world of hot rodding.

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    Not quite the traditional...first modding experience, here goes.

    I was supposed to get this '71 bug for my first car at 16...not a gift...I was gonna have to pay for it. Dad got orders for Iceland and took the car with him. It came back over a year later...rusted from the volcanic dust over there. I was pretty disapointed. It wasn't gonna be much and now it was less. I sanded the rust offa it and attacked the rims and chrome with naval jelly...burnt my hands pretty good...then primed the entire thing...not too bad...didn't have the bucks for paint so it wouldn't last...but I had made the effort.

    Over the course of the next year the car became lighter and lighter as pieces slowly were mother nature or my actions while out enjoying nature.

    Eventually the bumpers and running boards were gone. The muffler was in such bad shape and since I could afford one on my own I put a four into one stinger on the back. The off roading however didn't end. After one episode I cracked the weld at the flange. When I revved the moter and let off it'd back-fire and shoot a flame a foot and a half long out the back...that was fun to do outside of parties...ha.

    I kept that little putt putt running pretty good....oil, brakes, shockes...ect.

    I eventually ragged that little motor and threw a rod a coupla days after after putting 17 doughnuts on the girls softball infield at school. Somehow I talked dad into springing for a new motor...maybe he felt a little guilty for the abuse the car took over seas...I dunno...all I knew was I was gonna have a re-built 911 motor going into my little bug.

    When my behavior with the car didn't mother made me sell the car...she did all the leg work, found a buyer for it...I had to actually take him for a test ride then drive it to his house....he paid $200 for it.

    When I later that day found out how much it went for. It killed me. They weren't gonna take any money from me.

    Lesson learned.

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    started with 4 years shop in highschool, i did some other stuff before that, my dads an aircraft mechanic i learned stuff from him and next year i'm going to school for small engine/marine engine mechanic

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    started with my first minibike and moved on to everything with a motor since then. About the only thing I can't fix are electrical glitches. If it isn't blatantly obvious, I leave elecetrical to the pros.

    Skis are new to me, but so far so good.

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    For me it started with Tonka Trucks taking them apart and trying to put them back together. The really goods one made back in the early 80s, the ones that now deamed unsafe because of the sharp metal edges. Ever since I have been tearing stuff apart and putting them back together.

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    prolly when i was 6-7 and had a huffy "mudslinger" 20" bike, i would take the mudflaps it had on it off so i could ride faster, and i put no flat tires one it... since then i've tinkered with just about anything i've owned to make it run faster or better... computers, RC cars, actual cars, boat, ski's lawnmowers etc etc

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    1st real engine work was when I was 16 (I'd been greasing trucks since I was old eough to squeeze a grease gun, it helped Dad out 'cause I could fit anywhere to get at the grease fittings) on an '83 Honda ATC 250R, the air cooled one the first Pro-link suspension).
    I had blown a base gasket, bought a service manual and went at 'er.

    Next was 2 years later, a full race '85 ATC250R, non-stock items I intsalled were a 38 mm flat slide Mikuni, twist throttle, Boyessen Reeds, reed spacer, midrange ported cylinder, FMF exhaust, Dura-Blue +4" axle, Mitchell aluminum rims and low profile tires, Renthal bars, 14/39 sprockets (to make up for the shorter tires), Mier low-profile fenders, Ohtsu flat-track tires, dead-man kill-switch. Also, adjustable rear suspension dog-bone link for ice racing when the snow flies.

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