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    My Ski Dont Stay Down....

    Well i finnally got my ski back after waiting a year and half to finish being built. I took her out and she runs nice as hell but im having problems where all it does is keep hopping out of the water i can get it stay down. I have played with the trim no help, riding in different positions no help want to see if some can help me out.

    Mods in the rear are the following:
    Jims Ride Plate
    1300 Rear
    Riva Intake Grate

    What you guys suggest I put someone told me stock 1300R Ride Plate..

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    Have you stepped your sponsons? If so do that and then you can start adding shims under the tabs till the bounce goes away.

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    Dont put the stock plate back on.

    Sounds like you may be bouncing. Step the sponsons - if that doesnt help you will want to put a washer under your trim tabs.

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    Stepping the sponsons is a must with these plates, start there.

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    Step the sponsons like stated above,if you have the plastic trim tabs DO NOT use washers.They are plastic and will flex,not safe.

    If you are shimming your tabs down just say .100 and over,get some longer bolts.

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    th GP1200R trim tabs are metal - you can pick up a used set of them cheap - there is even a set on ebay right now

    with the metal trim tabs I always use 2 washers under all 8 trim tab mounting bolts

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