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    how long should i wait to switch to synthetic oil

    ive got about 13 hours now and need to change oil (155hp gti) im wondering if the engine should have some more break in time with mineral oil. i know the manual says 10 hours for break in,but i heard somewhere that these motors arent completely broke in for about 50 hours. anyone have any opinions on this?

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    lol... Trust me the manual would know what its talking about. It comes from the factory and they know when there crafts are ready to be ran at full throttle. Try not to pamper it too much when riding. Leave that throttle open alot is good in some cases . Go ahead and switch to the synthetic oil now.

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    Yes you can switch it over now.

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    Also, you would be hearing crafts dont break in until 50 hrs or so. Thats generally not true. Only if u are changing pistons or some internal part. Then its a good idea to run the craft easy for a a few hours (maybe 5) depending on how eager you are to open up the throttle all the way. Also why people might say that is because they tend to see some changes for example a slight RPM change or a +1 mph difference. I cant explain what might happen in the craft that would cause that but it sometimes depends on the weather conditions their riding in. For example, Some just bought a ski, the ride it all threw the summer and they clock up alot of hours. Then 1 day during the winter they decide to go riding, they notice there ski is going much faster then from the last time they rode it . Simple things like that can cause it.

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