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    new prop + intake grate = slower

    put on my new pump, wear ring & prop now is doin 68-6900 rpm @ 52-55 mph. before it was doin 55-58 mhp @ 71-72 rpm.
    i am have r&d grate and solas 12-20 ss prop.
    any ideas??

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    The R+D Grate almost always slows you down verses stock or a RIVA grate. On the flip side, if you ride in rough water you will stay hooked up alot better than with the stock or RIVA. I raced closed course and stay hooked up much better with the R&D verses the RIVA, but give up a couple of mph on top end. You may need to take a couple a MM's out of your trialing edge to get your prop dialed in.

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    would the grate make my rpm drop that much?

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    too much pitch in the prop....

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    Quote Originally Posted by two2curupt View Post
    too much pitch in the prop....
    Exactly. It is a huge misconception that just by throwing a new prop and an intake grate on your ski that you will gain speed. If you plan on putting a steeper pitched prop on your ski then you need to increase your RPM first. By running a prop pitched too steep, your engine will not create enough HP to turn it, so you will lose RPM and we all know that lost RPM is lost speed.

    increase HP (to increase RPM) + steeper pitched prop (to reduce RPM back to ideal operating RPM) = increase in speed

    And I don't know about the GTX, but I know on the RXP the R&D grate slows you down at least 1mph on glass, but in the rough it is top notch. However, it should not cause your RPM to drop that much. Like I and two2corrupt said, the RPM loss is due to the prop being pitched too steep.

    *Also....make sure your intake grate is flush with your rideplate. If it is hanging down you will lose speed.

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    thats what solas said to use for stock applacation.
    i thought 12-20 was kind of a tame pitch?
    what is the stock pitch?
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